3-2-1-Ignition* is the ‘New Curiosity Shop’

An empty Nottingham city centre shop is to be transformed into the first science ‘pop-up’ shop in October.  The temporary shop, to be called 3-2-1-Ignition* and located in the Broadmarsh shopping centre, is designed to bring science and technology to the general public in a unique pilot project backed by the Nottingham City Council’s Science City initiative and partners from education and industry.

The shop, developed by Nottingham based education company, Ignite!, is modelled on other shops in San Francisco and London where education workshops are linked to themed retail outlets – but this will be the first time a shop ‘selling’ science and technology activities will be set up in the UK.

The space will contain demonstrations of cutting edge science research as well as innovative technology such as programmable computers and 3D printers.  Schools will be able to book workshops on topics ranging from Earth Sciences to the workings of the brain, and members of the general public will also be able to take part in hands-on experiments and activities as well as pick up information about the science-based industries, courses and careers available in Nottingham.

One particular feature of the 3-2-1-Ignition* shop will be workshops run by children from Lab_13 another Ignite! initiative where pupils manage their own science lab in school.

Director of Programmes for Ignite!, Rick Hall, explained, ‘the idea behind 3-2-1-Ignition* is to bring the latest developments in science and technology to the general public in ways that they will find exciting, amazing and fun.  We want this pilot to grow into a new kind of Curiosity Shop, where people can explore and investigate their own science interests.’

Cllr Nick McDonald, who holds the portfolio brief in the city council for jobs, skills and business, said, ‘Nottingham has a proud history of science and innovation and in recent years has built on this reputation to become a designated Science City.

The city’s continued commitment to cutting edge science and technology is at the heart of Nottingham’s Growth Plan – the strategy to stimulate growth and enterprise. The city’s new Creative Quarter is designed to foster enterprise and innovation further boosting Nottingham’s scientific credentials.

The science shop will help stimulate enthusiasm for science amongst young people and their families. I hope it enlightens them about the diverse range of career options that are available in the sector.”

The shop will be open from 15 to 31 October in the Broadmarsh shopping centre, Nottingham, with normal shop hours.  The shop will also coincide with the Nottingham Games City Festival from 22-28 October.  Information for the public about the shop, including schools bookings for workshops, is available from https://ignitionpopupshop.wordpress.com

Notes for editors:

A photo opportunity to show the shop in action and to coincide with a reception for local head teachers, scientists, heads of industry and politicians will be held on Thursday 18 October from 4.00pm.

Funding for the project has come from the European Community via the European Science and Events Association, EUSEA and the PLACES programme; with additional support from Nottingham City Council and the RSA Fellowship Catalyst fund.

Partners in the 3-2-1-Ignition* pop-up shop include Nottingham Science City, Nottingham City Council, South Nottingham College, Bilborough College and New College Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham, NHS Community Workforce team, Nottingham Games City.

The full programme of workshops and activities available in the shop is available at https://ignitionpopupshop.wordpress.com and includes activities provided by the Science Council’s FutureMorph, British Geological Survey, Royal Society of Microscopy, the Institute of Making at UCL, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, STEMNET, Young Engineers, Nottingham Hackspace, Medilink and Bio-city, Hands-on Science, Econolyst advance manufacturers.

3-2-1-Ignition* is managed by Ignite!, a Nottingham based not-for-profit company that specialises in creative programmes in education. Among its projects is Lab_13, a space in school managed by pupils for their own experiments.




For further media enquiries, information and interviews please contact:

Hasmita Chavda, Programme Development Assistant, Ignite!





11 East Circus Street

Nottingham  NG1 5AF



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