At the end of the first week we have had over 500 people walk through the door of 3-2-1-Ignition* including 3 schools workshops, 2 Lab_13 management teams, 40 members of Nottingham’s Primary Science Parliament and members of press including East Midlands today! It has been rather marvellous.

Cycle Pong has now arrived into the shop and will be here for one week only, it’s wonderfully addictive and at 20p to the best of 7 this is the best competitive exercise i’ve taken part in. (You have been warned of it’s addictive nature)  The game controlled by bicycles also joins us as Game City begins in the city and half-term and we will have lots to happening in the shop to enhance your city centre retail experience, it’s all very exciting.

There is something for everyone at the shop and at what has struck me the most is the joy of sharing knowledge, we have a diverse range of people walking through the door and each with their own science fact or story to share and people have learnt so much off one another; things like did you know it takes 300 million years to make a diamond!?

You can now find all that you can be excited by in the upcoming weeks by viewing the day to day activities list there is also an updated schools schedule and still some free schools workshops available! (the feedback that we’ve had from students and teachers has been brilliant.

More very soon!




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