In the shop today we welcomed 150 people to enjoy the delights of the Psychology Fun Fair and the wonders of the microscopic world.

And we also welcomed our inestimable colleague Chrys Allen who delivered drop in activities to explore in the most creative way the brain and our perceptions and memories through smells..

Thanks to Profs Mark Miodownik and jon Butterworth at UCL we were also able to stream a live lunchtime lecture  from London straight into our Cinema Space in the shop. Wow, we shared the latest information from CERN and the news of the Higgs Boson (makes it sound like there is only one).

Meanwhile Dilraj, co-ordinator of our wonderful volunteers, invented the game of Chemistry Twister with the Periodic Table we painted on the floor.  Now there’s a game that needs a developer.. all royalties to Lab_13 please. The picture in tonight’s sequence shows Dilraj twisting to the formula for Sulphuric Acid..

now children – you all know the important message about Sulphuric Acid, don’t you?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

dear little Alfie isn’t with us anymore

‘Cus what he thought was H2O was H2SO4



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