We are rapidly approaching 1000 visitors to the shop this week, and tomorrow is sure to top the lot.

BECAUSE – it is Nottingham Hackspace Day!

the Hackspace, renowned for hands-on activity and all round general gadgetry will be in the shop, with stuff – no more than that, with AMAZING stuff. There will be a chance to try your hand at programming Arduinos and RaspberryPis as well as making things that do things.

And we will have a 3D printer! along with your very own Creative Spark, Sophie Jones.

Speaking of Creative Sparks, Jane Goodland will be back with more maths and energy things to do.

Oh, and calling all Nottingham teachers – with a reminder that we are holding a free and easy CPD session on Monday (29 Oct) after school. Call in to check out the creative ideas that we have tried to put in to the shop, and from 5.00 join us in sharing ideas about how to encourage more creative ideas in STEM education. Did we mention that we will go to the pub at 6.00? (just to continue the ideas exchange you understand).

So a busy weekend ahead, do join us..

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