Saturday was indeed awesome thanks to those intrepid makers from Nottingham Hackspace; and to our own Creative Spark, Sophie Jones and her 3D printer.

We were busy all day, and topped the target of 200 for the day and 1000 visitors for the week.  More especially the quality experience delighted everyone. As ever, the pictures tell the thousand stories.. There is a key to the involvement of our friends from Hackspace, everything is ‘hands-on’.  We especially like the idea of young people getting their hands on tools and equipment, learning how to use tools at an early age, and safely.

So you’ll see soldering irons in the hands of under 10s, and power drills, and simple electronics like arduinos being programmed.  There is one definition of being human that involves the hand using tools – and we rather like this.

3D printing is SO cool.. the intricacy of designs possible just by building up layer by layer is wonderful. Sophie reckons that it will be some time before the software is up to producing everyday objects – but I’m not so sure.  My guess is that shops will print you a new fridge handle in two years time – and in five years time you will do it at home. Ah, the future is a landscape of imaginative possibility…

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