So what did it all add up to?

3-2-1-Ignition* was the worlds first science pop up shop, that opened in the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre on 15October till 10 November. Here’s what happened…

Numbers at a glance

Opened for a total of 27 days

Attracted over 3,300 visitors

At Friday 9 November the website, https://ignitionpopupshop.wordpress.com had been viewed 5,150 times

We attracted media attention from Nottingham Evening Post – MyNottingham website; BBC Radio Nottingham; and East Midlands Today.

In Nottingham half term week – beginning 22 October – over 1,000 people visited the shop.

On Thursday 18 October when the shop was ‘officially’ launched, over 200 children and adults visited the shop.

On Saturday 27 October when Nottingham Hackspace took over the shop, over 250 people visited the shop.

We ran 9 formally booked workshops for schools

Over 30 Students, STEM ambassadors and individuals volunteered their personal time to the shop.

We collaborated with and worked with over 25 organisations and institutions.

We have a 103 completed feedback forms.

40 members of the primary science parliament came to visit.

Over 300 games of Cycle-pong were played in the Game City Week.

We took 1,132 images to chart the journey.

here is a further selection

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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