Now that we’ve all had time to recover from and reflect on our wonderful 4 week stint at the Broadmarsh Shopping centre, it’s now time to consider what the next steps for 3-2-1 Ignition* could be.

The feedback we have received from the public, school groups, teachers, practitioners and volunteers has been incredibly encouraging. 100% of the 153 people we asked said that we should definitely open for longer! Now who can argue with those odds?

One of the heartwarming responses we had from the public was:

“I was enthused and enthralled to see how much my grandchildren, boys aged 8 +11, responded to interactive displays. They loved it all. One of them has a very high IQ but is autistic and it was good to see how this experience boosted his confidence.”

Others said:

“[It] lets parents participate in their children’s learning which is fantastic. well done! such a refreshing change to another coffee shop being opened!”

“Great idea, would like to see one in each town”

“My daughter had fun, she has an inquisitive mind, it confirmed things for her”

One of our brilliant, hardworking volunteers had this to say:

“Volunteering at 3-2-1-Ignition* has been brilliant, and the shop is definitely the most inspiring and worthwhile project I’ve ever been involved with. I know there’s still that feeling in schools that science and maths are geeky and difficult subjects, so the idea behind the shop – that STEM subjects should be promoted as fun and creative – is a refreshing change. The only science classes I remember from school are the ones that involved hands on activities or demonstrations like those in the shop, so it’s an ideal way to help people get their heads around science.”

With all this magnificent feedback, the job now is to decide what we should do next! Should we open another temporary shop? Should we look to set ourselves somewhere permanently? Or should we travel to other towns with the idea? We are open to suggestions for future ventures and also ideas on how we could fund such ventures.


Email: info@ignitefutures.org.uk

Twitter: @ignitefutures

The exact future of the shop may not yet be certain, but one thing we know for sure is that it will certainly have an effect on the people it reaches!


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