Here at the office we are reflecting on the Neuroscience Street Fair, part of the Barbican’s Wonder Season. We were there with 3-2-1-Ignition* showing off our science busking, curiosity jars and wonder-enducing activities.

Sarah getting curious

Sarah getting curious

We set ourselves up with our portable version of the 3-2-1-Ignition* pop up shop, similar to how we did at the Barbican Weekender. The public were amazed by our simple tricks and activities- the ‘dinger’ was still a huge hit. The response to our idea of taking science to the high street generated a massively positive response and hopefully quite a few future collaborations too.

The volunteers were once again, amazing. Their enthusiasm was infectious. Chrys Allen also deserves a good hearty thank you for all her hard work during the event and the amazing creative activity she ran.

Chrys in full flow

Chrys in full flow

We met many people running other activities at the street fair that we are really glad to make acquaintance with; we are quite excited to see where these partnerships could take us.

The whole 3 days had a brilliant vibe and we are absolutely jubilant about the success of the event.


We must extend our thanks to our magnificent colleagues at the Wellcome Trust and Barbican too, who have made this whole project a sheer joy to be part of.

Since the event we’ve identified a few new opportunities for 3-2-1-Ignition* including basing ourselves at music festivals! We are also working on basing ourselves on more High Streets.


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