This Monday saw the team travel up to sunny Bedford where we met the extremely lovely and wondrously helpful Kayte Judge from We Are Bedford. We were there to discuss all things 3-2-1-Ignition* and pop up shops.

Kayte headed up a scheme called ‘We Are Bedford’ that saw local businesses and creative folk from the town working together to fill empty shops and retail spaces with wide ranging activities and events such as concerts, art installations and local crafts, this ran for two years.

You can find out more about We Are Bedford HERE: http://wearebedford.co.uk/

After being introduced through RSA fellows we decided it would be foolish to not go and find out more with our science pop up venture, 3-2-1-Ignition* still being in its infant state. So off we went!

The meeting was great. We loved the values of We Are Bedford and the impact it had. We learnt a great deal about the pop up world and Kayte loved our idea of having interactive science learning taking place in retail spaces as we explained the models we adopted in our Nottingham shop and the portable version of the shop we took to the Barbican.

We soon realised that there were many other ways in which could work together since both our sights are set on creativity and education. Kayte’s latest venture, The School Of Us, is something that we feel we could also add value to with our various connections.

You can Find out more about School Of Us HERE: https://www.facebook.com/schoolofus

It was a very fruitful afternoon and we are all very excited at what developments could ensue for 3-2-1-Ignition*. Whether it is opening a shop in Bedford or perhaps having Kayte on board with her expertise for our next pop up venture wherever it may be.. as well as in other projects!

Who knows what the future will hold?

That’s your lot for now!


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