We spent 3 days delivering the portable pop up shop in the Faraway Forest at the Latitude festival, where we were blessed with sun, shade and science.

It was a tremendous success and we saw over 1250 festival go-er’s experience the pop-up shop in all its glory. We dazzled them with our wit, or at least with a combination of the bong experiment and the sun (although we can’t take credit for the sun).

3-2-1-Ignition*, offered them an all round sensory experience with Chrys Allen leading a Synathesia drop in workshop around what sounds and emotions look like, vials with smells that we and linked them to memory and looking into science fiction movie boxes. To which we received responses of wows, smiles and all round happy faces especially as they found themselves hitting metal grills onto trees and discovered that was music to their ears.

Additionally Rick was introduced to new music and he has become a fan of Bloc Party and almost shed some tears as Laura Mvula sang.

A huge thanks goes to  The Wellcome Trust for supporting is to be there , Latitude and to our wonderful 3-2-1-Ignition* science buskers, Georgina Heron, Will Nash and Richard Jones for all their enthusiasm and adding there own twist.

Prepped and raring to go!! Image


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