We did it! Thanks to you!

With your help and the help of the RSA we have raised £5,800 on Kickstarter, to open another 3-2-1-Ignition*. This will allow us to bring Citizen Science onto the high street once again.

We are so excited about the next 3-2-1-Ignition*, which will harness all the things we have learnt over the year. Ideas have been pinging all over the place on what activities to have, where in Nottingham we shall have it and how long for, so we can make this the BEST 3-2-1-Ignition* EVER!

The next steps are to further develop the partnerships and connections, locate a venue and come up with the very best ways that we can make science engaging, fun and quite possibly the best thing ever and find a home for it on the highstreet.

So keeping looking back on here to be kept updated about all the latest developments.

If you want to get involved in exhibiting something or being part of this or you have some exciting ideas that you would like to share with us, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

E-mail: either Sarah@ignitefutures.org.uk or Hasmita@ignitefutures.org.uk


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